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What is | 2004 | APRIL | BERLIN | ?

It is the title of an unofficial IAMX Live DVD. The show was filmed and produced by NANONANO PRODUCTIONS. A DVD made by the fans, for the fans!

Why is it called | 2004 | APRIL | BERLIN | ?

Because the show was filmed on the night between the 10th and the 11th of April 2004 In a club called Maria in Berlin. It was IAMX's first ever EU performance.

Why release it now, in 2009?

Originally the show was only released for a handful of IAMX fans, people that were at the show, in an edited form (the speeches between songs were cut-out).
Members of Iamxforum.com often refer to the 'good old times' of 2004 and everything BEFORE Reza became manager. For years we claim IAMX was different then what IAMX is now, but (with the exception of the people that saw IAMX back then) nobody can really understand what we mean since there is nothing to be found on the internet about IAMX in the year 2004.

Now, for the first time in 5 years, both the new and the old fans are going to be able to see (and hear) what the difference really is!

There are other reasons why we are releasing this DVD.
For a long long time IAMX (the management) has 'promised' us a Live DVD. But that DVD has yet to come.
Also, iamxforum has build up a reputation that we are complaining a lot. We're constantly claiming to know it 'better' than IAMX management but not actually DOING anything. So we decided that it is time to show all the fans how it is done, we are releasing a DVD because we think the fans have waited long enough! Our Teasers and the Trailer is not only to promote the DVD but also to show IAMX management how we think a succesful promotional set-up should be.

What is the tracklist?

1. Naked But Safe
2. Sailor
3. Skin Vision
4. Mercy
5. You stick It In Me
6. Your Joy Is My Low
7. Kiss & Swallow
8. Missile

Not a very 'long' show, but it is complete, and for the first time ever in it's un-edited form with all the speeches between the songs!

How much will the dvd cost?

The DVD is absolutely free! It will be hosted via torrent sites so you can download it and burn it on a DVD yourself. Also, i will try to set up a mail-service for those that don't know how to download and/or burn the disc to dvd. This means that it will be possible to send a Blank DVD to an address along with a self-addressed stamped envelope. The DVD will then be burned for you and send back via the self-addressed envelope. (I am going to ask for your help here).

It is strongly encouraged that all fans help other fans in obtaining this DVD, after all this dvd is made by fans, for the fans so please feel free to copy the disc and spread it out amongst all the fans! However, we have a strong wish to spread this dvd as an actual DVD. Please, please, do not rip this dvd to an .avi and spread out the .avi itself. If we wanted it to be released like that we would have done this ourselves. Of course you can create your own .avi for personal use, but please respect our wishes and only distribute the disc image as a whole. A lot of work has done to create the dvd, with menu's and extra's and all that work will go lost if people start sharing the film without the menus and extras.

I have some IAMX stuff from 2004! Can this be included on the dvd?

Yes, but please hurry! The release is set for 12.12.2009 This free dvd is a Christmas present from www.iamxforum.com to all fans! We don't wanna miss the deadline, so if you have any material, audio, video, pictures from IAMX in 2004, then please send me a PM and we'll see if we can include it on the dvd! If you know someone that has things, please contact them and make them aware of this project. All material will be credited on the DVD so if you want your name to be part of the history, then this is your chance!

Does it have to be material from 2004?

Yes it does. This whole dvd is to show the fans how IAMX looked and sounded like before they had a live drummer. This is the period where IAMX was considered to be an ELECTRO artist. The period where Reza wasn't the manager.

Anything else?

Yes, In this dedicated section i will start some polls and threads where I'm going to ask your help. I need your help to make this release successful. I'm going to need help in distributing this DVD, some advice on what is going to be on there (Extra's)! And I'm going to ask you if you want to make Cover's Also please do not hesitate to express your own ideas and wishes. We want all the fans to be given the opportunity to be part of this release. So if you have any suggestions, please let us know! The DVD itself is almost done, but I can still add things before i finalise the project.

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